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    Inline image 1

    Loosing weight is a matter of choice, you can be of a big size and comfortable with your weight...BUT it becomes necessary when your weight reaches a point where you will be attracting lifestyle diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure.

    Remember its not only about how you look its also about your health.

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    Tunatumia Natural products CLEAN 9 

    Ina mchanganyiko wa bidhaa nne (Alovera Gel chupa 3, Ultra Lite, Bee polen na Garcinia. Pia ina tape measure pamoja na chupa ya kupimia)
    Ina kitabu cha muongozo wa jinsi ya kutumia. CLEAN 9 ni muhimu katika kupunguza mwili kwasababu inafanya kazi ya kusafisha mwili,kuondoa sumu mwilini,kuondoa mafuta yaliyozidi mwilini na kukupa mfumo bora wa ulaji chakula. 
    Matumizi yake ni rahisi sana. Tumia bidhaa kwa usahihi kisha utahitaji kufanya mazoezi walau dakika 20 (kutembea,kuruka kamba,kukimbia au gym ukipenda), Kunywa maji ya kutosha angalau lita tatu kwa siku. Inatumia kwa siku tisa na itakusaidia kupungua kilo 3 mpaka 9 kisha kupungua zaidi utatumia Nutri lean ambayo ina bidhaa za mwezi mzima na una uwezo wa kupungua kilo 10 mpaka 15. Rahisi eeh?? TUPIGIE!!

    call,inbox,wats app

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     Mke wa Waziri Mkuu Mama Tunu Pinda akizindua mfuko wa Elimu Tanzania  (TEF) kwa ajili ya kusaidia elimu ya msingi na sekondary kwa watoto wa kike na wakiume waliopo katika mazingira magumu. Kulia kwa mama  Pinda ni Rais wa Tasisi ya mshikamano wa wanawake wa kiafrika kutoka nchini Maerkani Bibi Rwanda Saleem na kushoto kwake ni mwenyekiti wa chama cha walimu wanawake Tanzania (TAWOTEA) Mwalimu Fatuma Kambi. Sherehe hiyo imefanyika jijini Dar es salaam katika kusherehekea siku ya wanawake duniani
     Mama Tunu Pinda akimzawadia Rais wa Tasisi ya mshikamano wa wanawake wa kiafrika kutoka nchini Maerkani Bibi Rwanda Saleem gauni lilotengenezwa kwa batiki. Anaye shuhudia mwenye hijabu ni mwenyekiti wa chama cha walimu wanawake Tanzania (TAWOTEA) Mwalimu Fatuma Kambi  katika sherehe hiyo iliyofanyika jijini Dar es salaam katika kuadhimisha siku ya wanawake duniani
    Mama Tunu Pinda katika picha ya pamoja na  Rais wa Tasisi ya mshikamano wa wanawake wa kiafrika kutoka nchini Maerkani Bibi Rwanda Saleem na viongozi wa  TAWOTEA. Picha na Chris Mfinanga

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    East African Community

     A two-day regional workshop on Aflatoxin Control Program organized by the EAC Secretariat with the support of (USAID) and International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) closed today in Bujumbura, Burundi. 
    The 6-8 March workshop saw the composition of the Regional Working Group on Aflatoxins (REWGA) mandated to provide technical and advisory guidance to EAC Sectoral Council on Agriculture and Food Security and key stakeholders in the region on prevention and control of aflatoxin in the region. 
    The constituting of REWGA was a directive of the 27th Meeting of the EAC Council of Ministers held in August 2013 which directed the Sectoral Council on Agricultural to co-opt at their Sectoral Committee Meetings, relevant experts from health, trade and industry sectors when addressing matters of aflatoxins. 
    REWGA will work at a regional level to provide leadership for coordinating and monitoring strategic intervention on aflatoxin control. 
    In his closing remarks, the Minister of Health and HIV/AIDS of the Republic of Burundi, Hon. Sabine Ntakarutimana said aflatoxin contamination is not adequately and appropriately controlled or regulated within the region as most food stuffs are produced and consumed  locally with no or limited testing by the relevant regulatory authorities. 
    In his speech delivered by the spokesperson of the Ministry of Health, Republic of Burundi, Dr Hilaire Ninteretse stated that today, millions of people in the region consume high, unsafe levels of Aflatoxin through diets on a daily basis. 
    Hon Sabine Ntakarutimana informed the workshop that last year during the 27th EAC Council of Ministers meetings tasked the Secretariat to fast track implementation of the EAC Regional Aflatoxin Project in a mult-sectoral way. 
    I believe that we have achieved the objectives of the workshop in introducing components and implementation arrangements of the project, reviewing the Draft Term of Reference (TOR) and constituting the Regional Working Expert Group of Aflatoxin’’. 
    The IITA representative, Dr. Francesa Nelson, appreciated the collaborative arrangement a major step in efforts towards addressing the problem of aflatoxin in the East African Community. 
    She emphasized the need to reach out and engage a wide range of stakeholders given the multi-sectoral nature of the project. She re-affirmed the commitment of IITA in supporting implementation of the EAC Regional Project on Aflatoxin. 
    On her part the representative of the United States Government, Ms Allison Thomas called upon EAC Secretariat and IITA to work on a roadmap that will explicitly illustrate the project pathway in terms of vision, goals, targets and expected outcomes and impacts.
     The workshop was attended by among other experts from all the EAC Partner States, United States of America Government representatives, the African Union, the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA), the Eastern Africa Farmers Federation (EAFF), the Media.

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     Rais Dkt.Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete akimjulia hali mtangazaji wa kituo cha Televisheni cha Channel Ten na Magic Radio FM mpiganaji Salum Mkambala aliyelazwa katika Taasisi ya Mifupa ya MOI leo katika Hospitali ya Taifa muhimbili anakotibiwa majeraha baada ya kuapata ajali na kujeruhiwa vibaya wiki iliyopita Picha na Freddy Maro

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    By Special Correspondent, 
    Hassan Abbas

    The African Union Peer Review Mechanism (APRM) has exhorted members of  the Tanzania Special Constituent Assembly  to use consensus in the on-going constitution deliberations.

    The call was issued today in Dar es Salaam by the APRM Tanzania chapter Executive Secretary Ms Rehema Twalib when addressing the press on commemorating the APRM Day which is marked every 9th March among all APRM member states in Africa.

    Ms Twalib congratulated President Jakaya Kikwete for listening to the people and granting their wishes, recalling that the quest for the new constitution was long overdue and those governance stakeholders, among other places, raised the matter in the initial APRM reviews in 2009.

    The Executive Secretary, however, noted with concern some misgivings in the on-going Constituent Assembly in Dodoma and urged the MPs to be reminded that the new constitution is a much awaited dream-come true for many Tanzanians.

    “APRM Tanzania noted that the MPs themselves have decided to resort to consensus on crucial issues of antagonism to move out from stalemate. This is the best way we can move ahead at enact the much awaited new constitution,” she said.

    Ms Rehema said that in the 11 years since the APRM was incepted as the sole Continental wide governance assessment significant strides have been achieved locally and continental wise.

    “The APRM has bridged the gap between governments and their people. Through participation and engagement, African governments have been able to engage their citizenry and forge common alliance for the transformation of the individual members as well as the Continent,” she said.

    Speaking about the APRM process in Tanzania she noted that the country has implemented its contractual obligations well and within standards and required objectivity and that the finalized Country Review Report is set to be launched and made public soon.

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    By Pascal Shelutete 
    Tanzanian stand attracted hundreds of tourists, travel agents and other tourism stakeholders in the ongoing International Tourism Exchange, which is the World’s largest annual tourism exhibition taking place in Berlin, Germany. 
    Team Tanzania in ITB is led by the Minister for Natural Resources and Tourism, Hon. Lazaro Nyalandu. The flow of visitors in the stand who were looking for various information regarding Tanzanian tourist attractions brings hope that Tanzania will receive more tourists from Germany in the near future. 
     Tanzania in ITB this year is represented by more than eight Government Institutions and 53 exhibiting companies representing the Tanzanian private tourism sector. These include Government Institutions representatives from the Ministry for Natural Resources and Tourism; Antiquities Division; Tanzania Tourist Board; Zanzibar Commission for Tourism; Tanzania National Parks; Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority; East African Community and the Tanzania Airports Authority. The Private Sector is represented by 24 tour operators and travel agencies; 28 accommodation establishments and 1 airline company. 
    Out of these, 14 companies are from Zanzibar while 39 are from Tanzania mainland. Germany is Tanzania’s fourth largest source market, coming after United Kingdom, USA and Italy. The German market brings in more than 36,000 tourist arrivals in 2012. 
    According to Tanzania’s International Marketing Strategy, Germany is among the four primary target markets, which Tanzania is targeting to increase its market share. Tanzania’s participation in ITB this year is focusing on showcasing Tanzania’s unique and breathtaking tourist attractions, which has resulted in it being crowned as Africa’s Best Safari Destination by Safari Bookings.com. Tanzania has also been voted by the World Public to have three of Africa’s Natural Wonders: Kilimanjaro, Serengeti, and the Ngorongoro Crater and has received several accolades in the past two years, making it one of Africa’s most sought for tourist destinations which gives tourists lifetime memories of a true life experience. 
     The International Tourism Exchange, commonly known as ITB Berlin has been taking place since 1966, attracting more than 170,000 visitors annually (exhibitors, trade visitors and media from all over the world).
    The exhibition provides exhibitors with an excellent opportunity to meet with key tourism players from all over the world, establish new contacts, strengthen existing ones, enter into partnerships, network and get abreast with new developments.
    Minister for Natural Resources and Tourism Hon. Lazaro Nyalandu (2ndright) with TEAM TANZANIA  participating in the ongoing International Tourism Exchange in Berlin, Germany.

    Minister for Natural Resources and Tourism Hon. Lazaro Nyalandu (centre) together with the Hon. Abdulkarim Shah (right-MP for Mafia) who is also the Vice Chairperson of Tanzania Tourist Board and Dr. Aloyce Nzuki, Managing Director of Tanzania Tourist Board in the ongoing International Tourism Exchange in Berlin, Germany. 

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    Ankal naomba nipe nafasi nitangaze nia yangu ya kuanzisha kampeni ya kupambana na UKUDA hapa Tanzania. Ruksa kunisahihisha bila kuchafua hali ya hewa; ila nielewavyo mimi UKUDA ni hali ya kuwa na roho mbaya, roho ya kwa nini, kukatishana tamaa, na pia kutopenda maendeleo ya wengine - wakati MKUDA mwenyewe akibakia kama alivyo.
    Kwa mtazamo huo huo, MKUDA ni mfuasi wa hayo mambo niliyotaja hapo juu. Na ndio kampeni hii itakapoelekezwa, na nitahitaji sana msaada wa mawazo ya wadau wa namna ya kuendesha kampeni hiyo kwa faida ya nchi yetu inayoelekea kupata katiba mpya ambayo naomba UKUDA usipewe nafasi kabisa kabisa!
    Ingawa ni kweli sio wote, lakini si uwongo kwamba Watanzania wengi ni WAKUDA. Mifano ni mingi sana kiasi naweza kujaza blog nzima na nisiwe nimetaja japo robo yake tu. Lakini kwa faida yenu naomba nitoe mifano michache.

    Huko kazini utakuta mtu anaandamwa na wakuda kwa sababu anapenda kazi yake, anawahi kazini kila siku, anapiga mzigo kama kwamba ndio siku yake ya kwanza kazini na mabosi wote wanampenda. Hapo utakuta  wafuasi wa UKUDA wanamwandama as if  kaua mtu. Wanamwita mtaka sifa, anajipendekeza, hana lolote na kadhalika. Mradi inakuwa taabu kuwa mchapa kazi hodari kwa kuwa WAKUDA hawataki uwe hivyo.
    Mbaya zaidi hao WAKUDA wao ni wategaji wakubwa kazini, wachelewaji na fitina haziwaishi kuwachongea wenzao ambao hawana tabia kama zao. Pia WAKUDA ni wajuaji wa kila kitu, wabishi wa kila jambo na daima utawakuta wanapanga njama za kukatisha tamaa asiye kama wao.

    Hapa napo hakuna tofauti na kazini. Mchezaji wa timu Fulani anajituma kwa kuwahi mazoezini, kufanya mazoezi ya ziada (baada ama kabla ya mazoezi rasmi na wengine), ana nidhamu kwa viongozi, wachezaji wenzie na hata mashabiki. Huyu naye haachwi na WAKUDA.
    Watampachika majina kibao ikiwa ni pamoja na mtaka sifa, anajipendekeza apangwe kila siku. WAKUDA hao wanataka awe kama wao ili timu ikishindwa iwe lawama kwa wote.

    Huko nako ndio usisema. Mtu anaamua kuwa msafi, anafagia kila sehemu ya nyumba yake. Na kama ni nyumba ya kupanga anahakikisha usafi na unadhifu ni vya lazima kwake. Anaheshimu kila mtu mtaani na wala hajiingizi kwenye migogoro ya ‘Kiswahili’ , na pia kwenye kila shughuli iwe ya msiba ama harusi hakosekani. Kama hawezi kuhudhuria anatoa udhuru na mapema na atahakikisha anawakilishwa na mtu wa familia yake.
    Huyu mtu naye unaweza ukamuonea huruma hapo mtaani ama katika nyumba anayoishi, kwa sababu zile zile za KIKUDA.

    Kama niliyodokeza, mifano ni mingi mno. Ila kwa hiyo mitatu nahisi mada yangu hii inaeleweka sasa. Kifuatacho ni kuomba mawazo ya nini kifanyike ili kampeni ianze. Nimejiandaa kuifanya kampeni hii kupitia vyombo vya habar vyote, mikutano ya hadhara na makongamano. Wafadhili kadhaa nilioongea nao wameonesha nia kubwa ya kusaidia kampeni hii ifanikiwe kwa faida ya wote.

    Naomba kuwakilisha

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  • 03/09/14--04:36: JK atua mjini DODOMA leo
  •  Rais Jakaya Kikwete akizungumza na Makamu wa Rais, Dr. Mohamed Bilal, Waziri Mkuu, Mizengo Pinda na Katibu Mkuu wa CCM, Abdulrahman Kinana baada ya kuwasili kwenye uwanja  wa Ndege wa Dodoma. Picha na PMO

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    Na Josephat Lukaza wa Lukaza Blog
    Nimelazimika Kuandika Ujumbe huu kwaajili ya kuutarifu umma wa watanzania mara baada ya kupokea Ujumbe mfupi wa Sms kutoka Kwa rafiki yangu Mroki Mroki juu ya Kuingiliwa kwa akaunti ya Facebook na kuandika Ujumbe wa Kitapeli.

    Huu ni Ujumbe ulioandikwa katika Ukurasa wa Rafiki yangu Mroki Mroki katika Ukurasa wake wa Facebook ukijaribu Kuwaaminisha watanzania Juu ya Mikopo inayotolewa na Kutumia Mbinu mbalimbali ili kuweza kutapeli watu.

    Baada ya kuona Ujumbe Huo Mroki Mroki aliamua kuwajulisha Baadhi ya Rafiki zake kuweza kumsaidia Kuwataarifu wengine kuhusu ujumbe kuwa Siyo Mroki Mroki aliyeandika Ujumbe huo bali ni Matapeli wa Mtandaoni walioweza kuingilia akaunti yake ya facebook na kuweza kuandika Ujumbe huo wakijaribu kuwaaminisha Umma kama wanatoa Mikopo Bila Riba.
    Napenda Kuchukua Nafasi hii Kuwataarifu watanzania kuwa HUU NI UTAPELI MSITHUBUTU KUTUMA PESA MTAIBIWA.

    Tuwe na Utaratibu wa Kubadilisha mara kwa mara Namba au Maneno ya Siri tunayotumia katika Kuingilia katika akaunti zetu za barua pepe au akaunti zetu za facebook .Kwa kufanya Hivi tunaweza kuzuia watu kuingilia Akaunti zetu Kwa kiasi kikubwa .

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     Msaidizi wa Willy Matunda akiandaa 'duka' la matunda linalotembea nje ya hoteli ya Zahir katika mtaa wa Mtendeni mjini Dodoma. 
     Willy Matunda mwenyewe akiandaa matunda kwa ajili ya wateja wake. Huyu bwana anasifika sio tu kwa kuwa na matunda fresh kila siku pamoja na usafi bali pia kwa kupania kufanya watu wale matunda sana, sio kungoja hadi mtu alazwe hospitali kwanza ndipo ale...
     Duka litembealo la Willy Matnda 
    Wateja kibao kwa Willy Matunda ambaye ameihamasisha Globu ya Jamii kuanzisha safu hii ya kila Jumapili ya NYOTA WA WIKI ambapo watu wanaofanya vyema katika jamii wataenziwa.

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    Rais Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete alipotembelea Taasisi ya Tiba ya Mifupa na Upasuaji wa Mishipa ya Fahamu (MOI) katika  Hospitali ya Taifa ya Muhimbili jana (Jumamosi) kuwajulia hali wanahabari wawili – Ndugu Salum Mkambala wa Channel Ten (juu) na chini Ndugu Margaret Chambili wa Tume ya Taifa ya Uchaguzi (NEC).

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    Mfanyakazi wa Kampuni ya Uwakala wa ajira ya Erolink Maria Chundu akiteta jambo na Bi.Khadija Sultan (78) wa kituo cha kulelea wazee cha Tushikamane Pamoja Foundation kilichopo Yombo Kilakala mara walipotembelea kituo hicho kutoa misaada mbalimbali kwa wazee wasiojiweza katika kituo hicho.Jumla ya vitu mbalimbali vilitolewa ikiwemo mashuka ,blanketi , mchele na mafuta ya kupikia chakula vyote vyenye thamani ya zaidi ya shilingi milioni 2.5.
    Mhasibu wa Kampuni ya Uwakala wa ajira ya Erolink, Joyna Mwafute akimlisha chakula mmoja wa wazee waishio katika kituo cha Tushikamane Pamoja Foundation kilichopo Yombo kilakala Bi.Tabu Juma( 65) wakati wafanyakazi wa kampuni hiyo walipofika kituoni hapo kutoa misaada wa vyakula,mafuta ya kula,blanketi na mashuka vyote vyenye thamani ya zaidi ya shilingi milioni 2.5.
    Meneja Mafunzo na Uendelezaji wa Kampuni ya Uwakala wa ajira ya Erolink,Maxine Makenzie, akimpatia soda mmoja wa wazee wasiojiweza wanaotunzwa katika kituo cha Tushikamane Pamoja Foundation kilichopo Yombo kilakala jijini Dar es Salaam,wakati wafanyakazi wa Kampuni hiyo walipofika kituoni hapo kutoa msaada wa Vitu mbalimbali vikiwemo mashuka,blanketi na vyakula mbalimbali kwa wazee 45 waishio katika kituo hicho.

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    picha kwa hisani ya mitandao ya kijamii.

    Mbunge wa jimbo la Iringa mjini Mh.PETER MSIGWA  kwa mara nyingine amefikishwa leo  katika mahakama  kuu ya mkoa , kufuatia tuhuma inayomkabili ya kufanya vurugu katika kampeni za uchaguzi mdogo wa udiwani katika kata ya nduli manispaa ya iringa.

    Tukio hilo limetoke tarehe 6 ya mwezi wa pili ambapo  SALUM  KEITA mjumbe wa kampeni hizo kupitia  chama cha mapinduzi alidai kufanyiwa vurugu na mbunge wa jimbo la iringa mjini kwa kumpiga.

    Kesi hiyo imesomwa leo  katika mahakama ya wilaya ya Iringa mbele ya jaji   ALOYCE  MASUA na kesi hiyo imeahirishwa na kutajwa kusikilizwa
    tarehe 9 ya mwezi wa 4 mwaka huu.

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  • 03/10/14--08:31: UJUMBE WA JIONI YA LEO

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     Hakuna kazi rahisi,na kila kazi inahitaji kujituma,ubunifu na umakini wa kutosha ili kupata kilicho bora.Pichani ni Mwandishi mtayarishaji,Mtangazaji na mpiga picha mahiri  wa kituo cha televisheni cha Star TV,chenye makao yake makuu jijini Mwanza,Mpiganaji Abdallah Tilata akirekodi juu na chini matukio ya mapokezi ya mgombea Ubunge wa CCM,Ndugu Godfrey Mgimwa katika Jimbo la Kalenga, alipokuwa akiwasili kata ya Kalenga-Iringa vijijini mapema leo jioni kwa ajili ya kufanya mkutano wa hadhara wa kampeni ya uchaguzi mdogo wa jimbo hilo.

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    Na Ally Kondo, Lilongwe 
    Nchi za Afrika zimehimizwa kufanya biashara baina yao ili kujiletea maendeleo, badala ya kusubiri misaada isiyokuwa na uhakika kutoka nchi wahisani. Kauli hiyo ilitolewa na Waziri wa Fedha, Mhe. Saada Salum (Mb) wakati wa hafla ya uwekaji saini Mkataba wa kuanzisha Kituo cha Pamoja cha Uhamiaji na Ushuru wa Forodha cha Songwe - Kasumulu kati ya Serikali ya Tanzania na Serikali ya Malawi. 
     Uwekaji saini huo ulifanyika Lilongwe, Malawi leo  Jumatatu tarehe 10 Machi, 2014 ambapo Mhe Salum aliweka saini kwa niaba ya Serikali ya Tanzania, wakati Waziri wa Biashara na Viwanda, Mhe. Sosten Gwengwe aliweka saini kwa niaba ya Serikali ya Malawi. Mhe. Salum alieleza kuwa kuanzishwa kwa kituo hicho, kutasaidia, sio tu kupunguza gharama za kufanya biashara kati ya Tanzania na Malawi bali pia kutaimarisha uhusiano baina ya watu wa nchi hizi mbili ambao kimsingi wana utamaduni unaofanana. 
    Mhe. Waziri aliwataka wataalamu wa pande zote mbili kuandaa mpango kazi wa kutekeleza Mkataba huo haraka iwezekanavyo ili wananchi na Serikali waone matunda yake badala ya kuishia katika makaratasi. 
    Alipoulizwa na wanahabari kutoa maoni kuhusu utekelezaji wa Mkataba huo, Mhe Wazri aliwahakikishia wananchi wa Malawi na Tanzania kwa ujumla kuwa kituo hicho kitafanya kazi kama ilivyokusudiwa na hakuna tishio lolote la kuvurugika kwa uhusiano kati ya nchi hizi mbili. Kwa upande wake, Mhe. Gwengwe alifarijika na uanzishwaji wa kituo hicho, kwa kuwa kitarahisisha usafirishaji wa bidhaa kwa haraka kutoka Tanzania kuingia Malawi ambayo haina Bandari. 
    Uwekaji saini wa Mkataba huo umeenda sambamba na mkutano wa Baraza la Mawaziri wa Jumuiya ya Maendeleo ya Nchi za Kusini mwa Afrika (SADC) ambapo Mhe. Salum anaongoza ujumbe wa Tanzania. 
    Mkutano huo ulioanza na vikao vya Makatibu Wakuu unatarajiwa kukamilika kesho  11 Machi, 2014.
    Waziri wa Fedha, Mhe. Saada Salum (Mb), kushoto na Waziri wa Biashara na Viwanda wa Malawi, Mhe. Sosten Gwengwe wakisaini Mkataba wa kuanzisha Kituo cha Pamoja cha Uhamiaji na Ushuru wa Forodha katika mpaka wa Songwe - Kasumulu. Hafla ya uwekaji saini imefanyika katika Ofisi ya Wizara ya Biashara na Viwanda, Lilongwe, Malawi tarehe 10 Machi, 2014.
    Mhe. Salum, kulia akitoa neno baada ya shughuli za kusaini Mkataba kukamilika. Anayemsikiliza ni Waziri wa Biashara na Viwanda wa Malawi, Mhe. Gwengwe.
    Maafisa wa Tanzania na Malawi wakifanya maandalizi kabla ya Mawaziri kuwasili kwa ajili ya shughuli ya uwekaji saini Mkataba
    Waziri wa Nchi wa Serikali ya Zanzibar anayeshughulikia Masuala ya Utawala Bora, Mhe. Mwinyi Haji Makame naye alishuhudia hafla ya uwekaji saini. hapa Mhe. Makame akisaini Kitabu cha wageni alipowasili katika ofisi za Wizara ya Biashara na Viwanda nchini Malawi.

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    Mke wa Wazirii Mkuu,Mama Tunu Pinda akipokea shada la maua kutoka kwa Mtoto Raiyah Adam mara baada ya kutua kwenye Uwanja wa Ndege wa Mwanza,tayari kwa ufunguzi wa Tamashsa la Wanawake (Women Dialogue Front 2014) ikiwa ni sehemu ya maanzimisho ya siku ya Wanawake Duniani yaliyofanyika katika hoteli ya JB Belmont.Tamasha hilo lililoandaliwa na Kampuni ya Mikaela.aliyesimama Kulia ni Kaimu Mkuu wa Mkoa na Mkuu wa Mkoa wa Geita,Mh. Said Magarula anaefuata ni Bi. Edith Mudogo Mwenyekiti wa Mikaela na mwisho ni Margareth Kazi mshauri wa Kampuni ya Mikaela.
    Katibu wa Kampuni ya Mikaela,Bi. Idda Adam akimpokea Mke wa Waziri Mkuu,Mama Tunu Pinda wakatipowasili kwenye Uwanja wa Ndege wa Mkoa wa Mwanza tayari kwa ufunguzi wa Tamasha la Wanawake lililoandaliwa na Kampuni ya Mikaela ikiwa ni sehemu ya kusherekea Siku ya Wanawake Duniani.Picha na PMO.

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    mgombea wa Ubunge jimbo la Kalenga kupitia tiketi ya CCM Ndugu Godfrey Mgimwa akinadi sera zake kwa wakazi wa kitongoji cha Tosamaganga wakati wa kampeni zake,zilizoendelea leo. 
    Mwenyekiti wa CCM mkoa wa Iringa Ndugu Jesca Msambatavangu akihutubia wakazi wa kitongoji cha Tosamaganga wakati wa kampeni za kumnadi mgombea wa Ubunge jimbo la Kalenga kupitia tiketi ya CCM Ndugu Godfrey Mgimwa ambapo aliwaambia wananchi hao tutafute viongozi wa mfano wa Kitanzania ambao hawatatuchonganisha na watoto wao.
    Mgombea ubunge wa jimbo la Kalenga,Godfrey Mgimwa akiwa emebebwa juu na Wananchi na wanachama wa CCM wakielekea kwenye eneo la Mkutano wa hadhara wa kampeni.
    Wakazi wa Kalenga A,wakifurahia jambo wakati wa mkutano wa kampeni za Ubunge kupitia CCM zilizofanyika leo.
    Makamu Mwenyekiti (BARA) wa CCM,Ndugu Philip Mangula akihutubia kwenye kumtano wa hadhara wa kampeni ya uchaguzi mdogo wa jimbo la Kalenga,mapema leo jioni kwenye Kata ya Kalenga A-Iringa vijijini.
    Mgombea Ubunge wa Jimbo la Kalenga,kupitia tiketi ya CCM,Ndugu Godfrey Mgimwa akiwahutubia wakazi wa kata ya Kalenga A mapema leo jioni kwenye mkutano wa hadhara wa kampeni.
    Mwenyekiti wa CCM Mkoa wa Iringa Ndugu Jesca Msambatavangu akipokea kadi ya Chadema iliyorudishwa na Ndugu Said Omary Mbilinyi ambaye amerudi CCM baada ya kutoelewa sera na siasa za Chadema.

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