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    Mmoja wa maafisa wa TASAF  Hamis kikwate aliyeketi mstari wa mbele akifuatilia kazi ya utambuzi wa kaya maskini katika moja ya walengwa wa mpango huo wilayani Maswa. kazi ya utambuzi wa kaya maskini inaendelea kwa kasi katika maeneo ya wilaya ya Maswa mkoani Simiyu.
    Pichani ni baadhi ya Watoto wakiwa na furaha tupu baada ya kupata maelezo juu ya mpango wa kunusuru kaya maskini wilayani Maswa.
    Baadhi ya walengwa wa Mpango wa kunusuru kaya maskini wilayani Maswa wakiwa katika picha ya pamoja na mmoja wa maafisa wa TASAF,Hamis Kikwate (mwenye suti nyeusi aliyeketi).
    Walengwa wa mpango wa kunusuru kaya maskini wilayani Maswa wakipewa maelezo ya mpango kabla ya kuorodheshwa .
     Wadodosaji wa taarifa za walengwa wa mpango wa kunusuru kaya maskini wilayani Maswa wakiendelea na kazi hiyo katika moja ya kaya za walengwa wa mpango huo. 

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    Mziiki, the largest African music-streaming app has just signed Kenyan R&B and reggae/Dance Hall star 
    Kevin Wyre (otherwise known as Wyre) to join the movement as Brand Partner. Wyre joins Tanzanian Bongo Flava star Diamond Platnumz whose association was announced recently.

    As brand partner for Mziiki Wyre becomes a face of the brand in Kenya. “Mziiki is a cool place for people to find new music and enjoy music from their favourite artists. It’s very exciting to be a part of the Mziiki movement,” says Wyre.

    Mziiki offers music-lovers an easy way to access new music anytime, anywhere. Available on Blackberry, iOS and Android mobile devices, it’s as simple as opening the app and selecting or searching for a song. The ease of access, diversity of music and variety of functions on the app offer artists a great way to expand their fan-base.

    “Because Mziiki is easy to use, and boasts a large array of African and international music, artists get the opportunity to expand their fan base and get their music out there while minimizing piracy. Mziiki allows users to explore new genres and artists that they haven’t heard before,” says Arun Nagar, CEO of Spice VAS Digital, the developers of Mziiki. “We’re happy to have Wyre, who is one of Kenya’s top and most renowned artists, join Mziiki as a Brand Partner. We know his fan-base appreciates the partnership – with Mziiki, we have brought Wyre closer to his fans.”

    Launched in May 2014, Mziiki has provided artists with a boost in their already-successful careers and continues to grow daily with more artists joining daily.

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     Mbunge wa Arumeru Magharibi,mkoani Arusha, Mhe Godluck Ole Medeye(kushoto) akitoa vifaa vya michezo kwa kiongozi wa timu ya Kitongoji cha Kazamoyo,Kata ya Bwawani kwaajili kuibua vipaji.
     Mbunge wa Arumeru Magharibi,mkoani Arusha, Mhe Godluck Ole Medeye(kushoto) akitoa vifaa vya michezo kwa kiongozi wa timu ya Kitongoji cha Nyamagana ,Kata ya Bwawani kwaajili kuibua vipaji.
     Mbunge wa Arumeru Magharibi,mkoani Arusha, Mhe Godluck Ole Medeye(kulia) akitoa msaada wa mabati kwa wananchi waliothiriwa na mafuriko jimboni kwake.
     Katibu wa Chama cha Mapinduzi Kata ya Nduruma,Ally Sululu(kulia)akipokea kiasi cha Sh.500,000 kutoka kwa Mbunge wa Arumeru Magharibi,mkoani Arusha, Mhe Godluck Ole Medeye alizoahidi kwaajili ya ukarabati wa Caravati la Kijiji hicho.

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     President Drk Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete welcomes UN Special Envoy fir the Great Lakes Region H.E Mr Said Djinnit at Dodoma State lodge. The Two leaders then held talks concerning the current situation in the Great Lakes Region. H.E Mr. Said Djinnit,  an Algerian diplomat, was appointed as a UN Special Envoy for the Great Lakes Region on 17th July, 2014 succeeding Mrs. Mary Robinson who was appointed as a UN Special Envoy for Climate Change.
     President DR.Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete poses for a photo with the UN Special Envoy for Great Lakes Region Mr.Said Djinnit (left) together with Mr. Alvaro Rodrigues who Resident Coordinator for the UN System in Tanzania(right) at Dodoma State lodge.
    President Drk Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete in talks with the  UN Special Envoy fir the Great Lakes Region H.E Mr Said Djinnit at Dodoma State lodge.
    Photos by Fred Maro

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     Naibu Waziri wa Ardhi, Nyumba na Maendeleo ya Makazi Mhe. George Simbachawene akizungumza na viongozi na watendaji wa Manispaa tatu za Jiji la Dar es Salaam kuhusu maagizo ya namna ya kusimamia maeneo ya wazi. Pia, ametoa siku 14 kuanzia jana Alhamisi kwa Manispaa hizo kubomoa maeneo ya wazi yaliyovamiwa ambayo yalikwishatolewa Ilani. Aidha, Naibu Waziri ametoa siku 30 kwa Manispaa ya Kinondoni kuwasilisha ofisini  kwake utaratibu wa namna ya kusafisha fukwe. 

     Watendaji wa Manispaa zote tatu za Jiji la Dar es Salaam pamoja na wataalam wa Wizara ya Ardhi, Nyumba na Maendeleo ya Makazi wakimsikiliza Naibu Waziri wa Ardhi, Nyumba na Maendeleo ya Makazi Mhe. George Simbachawene kuhusu namna yak usimamia maeneo ya wazi  jijini Dar. 

    Naibu Waziri wa Ardhi, Nyumba na Maendeleo ya Makazi Mhe. George Simbachawene (katikati) akitoa maagizo ya usimamizi wa maeneo ya wazi jijini Dar es Salaam. Kulia ni Meya wa Manispaa ya Temeke Bw. Maabad Hoja na Naibu Meya wa Manispaa ya Ilala Bw. Khery Kessy.(Picha zote na Rehema Isango)

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    East African Community

    The East African Community Headquarters will today  Friday 17th October 2014, host the EAC-Africa Medicines Regulatory Harmonization Round Table Donors Conference at its headquarters Arusha, Tanzania.

    The Round Table Donors Conference will be co-chaired by Hon. James W. Macharia, Cabinet Secretary for Health of the Republic of Kenya and Chairperson of the EAC Sectoral Council of Minister of Health as well as Mr. Dan Hartman, Director of integrated Development (Global Health) from Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, USA.

    The Round Table Conference aims at improving access to quality and safe drugs for African citizens and  exploring ways of financing the African Medicines Regulatory Harmonization (AMRH) Initiative at a time many countries are struggling to streamline medicines registration processes and systems.

    In addition,  the Round Table Conference will give an overview of the AMRH, showcase exciting progress made to date in the EAC as well as future plans and expansion plans into other Regional Economic Communities.

    The conference will be attended by among others donors from developed and emerging markets, Ministers of Health and Finance from Partner States, Heads of National Regulatory Authorities(NRAs),representatives from the East African Legislative Assembly(EALA) and Pan African Parliament, high level political leaders from the EAC and African Union(AU)as well as representative from Regional Economic Communities(RECs),

    The Multi-Donor Trust Fund for the AMRH Programme (MDTF-AMRH) has secured funding for the East Africa Community (EAC) AMRH project, which was launched in March 2012 in Arusha, Tanzania.

    The EAC MRH Project aims to streamline medicines registration processes and systems among the EAC Partner States that will ultimately pave the way for the pharmaceutical industry to lodge a single application for marketing authorization of medicines. The process will contribute to improve patient’s access to quality, safe and efficacious medicines for treatment of priority diseases.

    To this end, EAC MRH Project has achieved significant results with the approval of the EAC Medicines Regulation Harmonized guidelines, requirements and standards for Medicines Evaluation and Registration (MER), Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Quality Management System (QMS) by the 29th Ordinary Meeting of the Council of Ministers (“the Council”) on 20th September 2014.

    In addition, through a demonstration pilot project initiated by WHO in July 2013 and completed in March 2014, five multi-source products were reviewed jointly by EAC Partner States and the WHO Prequalification Programme.

    The products ― three (3) antimalarial and two (2) reproductive health products (under the trade names of Falcimon, Misoprost 200 and Pill 72 respectively) ― were prequalified by WHO and registered by the EAC Partner State national medicines regulatory authorities (NMRAs) in less than a year. This is faster than the average total time required for WHO prequalification of a generic medicine and 80‒90% faster than the average EAC country registration time for a generic medicine.

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    JOIN US to promote your arts, culture, business and any products in the festival. More than 500 Artists from Tanzania and other countries in the world with 17,000 audience will gathering together to have a wonderful 3 days festival in Bagamoyo!!

    <<HOW TO APPLY>>

    Please send email to "info@karibumusic.org" for

    1) Participation Categories (BUSINESS or EXHIBITION or OTHER)


    3) The size of sales/exhibition space you need
    (ex. COMPLETE SIZE (3m x 3m), DOUBLE or HALF)

    4) Special equipment if necessary (ex. tents, electric source )

    5) The expected sales amount in 3 days (in Tsh or USD)

    NOTE:  The participation fee is decided according to your activities or the business size

    ** Please note that participants are asked to set up  booth by their own. If there is any special requirements to the festival office, let us know in advance.

    *** For more questions, please contact us!!


    Let us promote our culture & music together!

    Karibu Cultural Promotion Organization (NGO)

    Plot No.1, Block 17, Kinondoni, Dar es salaam, Tanzania

    Tel: +255 717 625 589 / +255 754 635 057

    Mail: info@karibumusic.org

    Website: www.karibumusic.org

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    Wachezaji wa timu ya Mwadui FC, wakishangilia goli lililofungwa na Bakari Kigodeko, katika mchezo wa ligi daraja la kwanza dhidi ya Panone FC, uliofanyika kwenye Dimba la Ushirika, mjini Moshi mkoani Kilimanjaro. mchezo huo ulimalizika kwa sare ya 1-1.
    Sehemu ya mashabiki waliojitokeza kwenye dimba la Ushirika, wakifuatilia mchezo kati ya Mwadui na Panone.
    Mashabiki wa Panone wakishangilia goli la kusawazisha lililopatikana katika dakika ya 16 ya kipindi cha kwanza, likifungwa na Tony Kigundu.
    Kwa picha zaidi BOFYA HAPA

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      Kaimu Mkutugenzi Mkuu wa Mamlaka ya Usafiri wa Anga Tanzania (TCAA) Charles Chacha (katikati) na Mkurugenzi Mtendaji Mkuu wa Kampuni ya COMSOFT  Mr.Manfred Schmid (kushoto)wakimsikiliza kwa makini  Mkurugenzi wa Mradi wa Comsoft  Dr.Gunther Hellstrn ( kulia )wakati alipokuwa akitoa mada juu ya usimamizi wa mitambo ya ADS-B ambayo inatumika kwa ajilia ya usalama wa Anga  wakati semina iliyowahusisha wahandisi wa mamlaka ya usafiri wa Anga Barani Afrika iliofanyika leo ktika Hoteli ya Serena jijini Dar es Salaam ikiwa imeandaliwa na COMSOFT ya Ujeremani.
     Baadhi ya Wahandisi na wataalamu wa masuala ya usafiri wa anga kutoka barani Afrika wakimsikilza kwa makini Mkurugenzi Mtendaji Mkuu wa Kampuni ya COMSOFT  Mr.Manfred Schmid (kushoto) wakati wa semina ya usimamizi wa mitambo ya ADS-B ambayo inatumika kwa ajilia ya usalama wa ndege ikiwa  kwenye anga husika.iliyofanyika katika hoteli ya serene leo jijini Dar es Salaam.
    Mkurugenzi Mtendaji Mkuu wa Kampuni ya COMSOFT  Mr.Manfred Schmid  na Mkurugenzi wa Mradi wa Comsoft  Dr.Gunther Hellstrn ( kulia ) wakimsikilza kwa makini  mtaaramu wa kuongoza ndege kutoka Uganda (UGATCA) Magret Kagendo wakati alipokuwa akiuliza swali wakati wa semina iliyowashirikisha wahandisi na wataalamu wa Mamlaka ya usafiri wa Anga barani Afrika iliyofanyika leo jijini Dar es Salaam.

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    Mwenyekiti wa NCCR-Mageuzi na Mbunge wa Kuteuliwa Mhe.  James Mbatia akiwa na viongozi wa Chama hicho  mkoa wa Kilimanjaro wakati alipotembelea eneo hilo.
    Mh James Mbatia akifanya sala mbele ya Makaburi ya Wazazi wake alipotembelea nyumbani kwao. Kwa picha zaidi BOFYA HAPA

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    Showcase your brand, products/services at the upcoming largest national health stakeholders' forum;
    the Tanzania Health Summit 2014 where 500 delegates from within and outside the country are expected to attend.
    You are not late! Book now and use this opportunity for NETWORKING, LEARNING, SHARING, ENJOYING
    and be part of largest health professional gathering in the Tanzania by registering now!
    The summit is proudly organized by, Ministry of Health and Social Welfare (MoHSW),
    Association of Private Health Facilities (APHFTA), Christian Social Services Commission(CSSC),
    BAKWATA, and Tindwa Medical and Health Services.

    For more details about exhibition www.ths.or.tz/about/exhibition
    and register at www.ths.or.tz/register
    Date: 14th - 15th November 2014
    Venue: Julius Nyerere International Convention Centre
    "Promoting Health Care Delivery by Engaging Policy Makers, Health Professionals and Suppliers"
    Contact us Today
    Tel: +255 22 2171555
    Mob: +255 682 523 988
    +255 754 515 036
    +255 684 244 377
    Fax: +255 222 217 558
    Email: info@ths.or.tz
    Web: www.ths.or.tz

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    MSANII wa vichekesho kutoka Kenya, Fred Omondi akisaini mkataba wa kufanya onyesho la Siku Ya Msanii katika ofisi za Siku Ya Msanii, Mikocheni Dar es Salaam, pembeni ni Mratibu wa Siku Ya Msanii, Justin Jones Kussaga. Picha zingine ni Erick Omondi

    WACHEKESHAJI maarufu kutoka nchini Kenya, Erick Omondi na Fred Omondi wamealikwa kutumbuiza katika Tamasha la Siku Ya Msanii litakalofanyika Jumamosi ijayo kwenye ukumbi wa Mlimani City, Dar es Salaam.

    Mratibu wa Siku Ya Msanii, Justin Jones amesema mjini Dar es Salaam kwamba wakenya hao wataungana na wasanii wengine wa muziki wa dansi, taarabu, bongo fleva, ngoma za asili, sarakasi na wanenguaji katika maadhimisho hayo.

    “Tumewachukua Erick Omondi na Fred Omondi ambao wanatokea Kenya kwa ajili sanaa za maonyesho ya majukwaani, hawa wataungana na wasanii wengine wa  Tannzania ambao tutawatangaza Jumatatu” alisema.

    Alisema lengo la kuwaita wasanii hao wa Kenya ni kutengeneza mshikamano katika ukanda huu wa Afrika Mashariki kutokana na ukweli kwamba sanaa lengo lake kubwa ni kuunganisha watu huku pia wachekeshaji hao wakiwa wanapendwa zaidi kwa ucheshi wao.

    Kwa upande wake  Fred alisema wamefurahi kupata nafasi ya kushiriki kwenye tamasha hilo kubwa na kwamba watanzania watafurahia kazi yao.

    “Mimi na kaka yangu tutakuwepo kuungana na wenzetu wa Tanzania katika kusheherekea Siku hii ya Msanii Duniani, tumefurahi kupata nafasi ya kuburudisha kwenye Siku Ya Msanii Tanzania,” alisema.

    Fred alikuwa nchini kwa ajili ya kusaini mkataba wa kutumbuiza katika siku hiyo ambayo itafanyika Mlimani City Dar es Salaam, ambapo kiingilio kimetajwa kuwa sh 70,000 kwa VIP n ash 50, 000 kwa viti vya kawaida.

    Siku Ya Msanii Tanzania inaandaliwa na Kampuni ya Haak Neel Production kwa kushirikiana na Baraza la Sanaa la Taifa (BASATA) ambapo imedhaminiwa na New Habari (2006) LTD kupitia magazeti ya Dimba, Bingwa, Mtanzania na The African, Channel Ten, Magic FM, Michuzi Media, PSPF, Proin Tanzania, Azam Media, CXC, Clouds FM, Ledger Plaza Hotel na EFM.   

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  • 10/17/14--02:00: WORLD FOOD & CULTURE DAY

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    Ankal hebu rusha hiki kikosi kabambe cha Radio One na ITV enzi hizo. Je unawakumbuka na ilikuwa lini hii taswira? Msaada tutani kwa wenye data tafadhali... 

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    Tanzania Karate –Do Federation (TKF) secretary general, sensei Phillip Chikoko (right), based in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania and his student Faraja Joseph demonstrate Karate techniques during Mwalimu Julius Nyerere memorial show at National Indoor Stadium in Dar es Salaam on Tuesday. (Photo by Frank Kimaro)

    Top from left Sensei Dudley Mawalla founder of Shotokan Karate Tanzania, middle, Sensei Magoma Nyamuko Sarya, right, Sensei Kheri Kivuli, all three are based in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania & bottom left, Sensei Rumadha Fundi (Fundi Romi), based in Texas, USA.

    Sensei Edgar Kaliboti, based Sydney, Australia

    By Frank Kimaro,Daily News

    TANZANIA Karate Federation (TKF) has awarded five senior karate instructors with Shihan title. Shihan is a formal karate title for someone who has mastered the basic and advanced techniques as well as the principles, concepts and theory of their respective style of the martial arts.

    Speaking during Mwalimu Nyerere Memorial Show in Dar es Salaam yesterday, TKF Secretary General Phillip Chikoko said they understand the role played by seniors in developing karate in the country.

    Senior instructors who have been awarded with Shihan title are Dudley Mawalla, Daudi Magoma, Kheri Kivuli, Rumadha Fundi and Edgar Kaliboti. Apart from the title, Mawalla and Magoma were awarded 7th black belt degrees in karate, while the rest were awarded 6th degrees.

    Mawalla urged young upcoming karate trainees to make sure they do not use the art to harm others in the society. "Karate is not beating someone, it's not about round kicks and all sorts of fighting. Karate stays in the heart, it's about being patient in life and stay strong," he said.

    Sports officer from the Ministry of Information, Youth, Culture and Sports, Rashidi Mijuza, urged all sportsmen especially those who are playing karate not to engage in bad manners and avoid illicit drugs. "I urge you, especially youths, to avoid using illicit drugs or even transporting them," he said.

    TKF organised the show to honour the Father of the Nation, the late Mwalimu Julius Nyerere.

     More than 50 karate instructors and trainees participated in the show and demonstrated their skills.

    Shotokan karate clubs which took part were Leopards, Serengeti, Amani, Ukombozi, Traditional and Dolphin from Dar es Salaam as well as Upendo Shotokan group of Morogoro.

    Others were Goju ryu karate clubs represented by Jamhuri dojo which is led by sensei Kheri Kivuli, Gojukai Dar and Bagamoyo groups.

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    Mratibu wa Uhakiki wa Ubora wa Elimu kutoka Shirika la Kijamii la Masuala ya Elimu (Haki Elimu), Robert Mihayo akitoa mada kuhusu Ubora wa Elimu Tanzania wakati wa semina ya maadhimisho ya Siku ya Walimu Duniani iliyofanyika jijini Dar es Salaam. Semina hiyo iliandaliwa na TEN/MET kwa kushirikiana na Chama Cha Walimu Tanzania (CWT).
    Ofisa Mradi wa TEN/MET, Alistidia Kamugisha (kulia), Meneja wa Fedha na Utawala (TEN/MET), Beatrice Malya (katikati) na Mratibu wa TEN/MET, Cathleene Sekwao. 
    Baadhi ya washiriki wa semina hiyo.


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  • 10/17/14--03:30: Article 8

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  • 10/17/14--03:49: AG MPYA ZANZIBAR AAPISHWA
  • Rais wa Zanzibar na Mwenyekiti wa Baraza la Mapinduzi Dk. Ali Mohamed Shein akimuapisha Said Hassan Said kuwa Mwanasheria Mkuu wa Zanzibar katika hafla iliyofanyika leo Ikulu Mjini Zanzibar.[Picha na Ramadhan Othman,Ikulu.]

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