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  • 05/30/13--17:11: Article 1
  • Dear Tanzanians and Friends,

    I take this opportunity again to thank all those who joined us in prayer on Sunday May 12th via the conference call or otherwise, praying for Tanzania and its neighboring countries that includeUganda, Kenya, Zambia, Malawi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, Burundi and Mozambique.

    We had good time in the Lord, thanking God for what He has done to our countries … for His blessings … for what He allowed to happen and for what He intervened without us knowing and didn’t allow to happen. As communicated earlier, no matter how bad the situation is in our individual countries, still there is so much we can thank God for. It could had been worse!

    Developing a grateful spirit and thanking God for what He has done already before we start submitting our supplications (petitions) is a better way to go. It is a good principle you could develop in your spiritual life just in case you have not tried … it works all the time!

    We will be having another Prayer Conference Call on Sunday June 9th.

    Day & Date: Sunday, June 9, 2013
    Time: 9pm Eastern or 8pm Central, or 7pm Mountain or 6pm Pacific time. 
    Call in Number: (218) 548-1952
    Pass Code: 777999

    Please join us and I guarantee you will be blessed!

    By His blood,

    Evangelist Frank Mwakasisi, Ph.D.
    Founder and President
    Mighty Outreach International - "Helping Churches Reach More People for Christ"
    PO Box 1655
    Portage, MI 49081

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    Excellencies, Heads of States and Government;
    Your Excellency Ban Ki-moon, UN Secretary General;
    Your Excellency Dr. Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma, Chairperson of the African Union Commission;  
    Executive Secretaries of SADC and ICGLR;
    Ladies and Gentlemen:
    I thank you Mr. Secretary General and Madam Chairperson for convening this first meeting of the Regional Oversight Mechanism of the Peace, Security and Cooperation Framework for the DRC and Region we signed on February 24th, 2013.  Tanzania welcomes your joint efforts which will go a long way towards ensuring that the objectives of the Framework are implemented to the letter and spirit.
    I commend you Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon for appointing Mrs. Mary Robinson to be your Special Envoy for the Great Lakes Region.  This is a clear testimony of the seriousness that you and the UN attach to attainment of peace and stability in the DRC and the Great Lakes Region.   I have no doubt in my mind that she will add value to the efforts being deployed to find durable peace in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.  I pray that she will use her long experience and renowned diplomatic skills to enable the people of the DRC and the Great Lakes Region realise their long standing dream of a peaceful and stable country and the region.  I assure Madam Robinson my personal commitment as well as my Government’s readiness to work with her in fulfilling her mandate.    
    We all know that the Framework we signed in February this year (2013) provides another important milestone in the search for durable peace in the DRC and her neighbours and the region at large.  The launching of the Regional Oversight Mechanism, the establishment of the Technical Support Committee and the creation by the UNSC of the Force Intervention Brigade under MONUSCO are important milestones in these endeavours.  

    I amconfident, all these measures will go a long way towards bringing about lasting peace in Eastern DRC.  But, the success of these efforts will depend on the genuine commitment and readiness of the parties to see peace reign if they have at heart the belief and desire for peaceful solutions to this long standing conflict which has infected great misery and suffering to millions of innocent people.  Unfortunately, it is the women, children and innocent civilians who suffer the most.  
    It is evident that the barrel of the gun cannot bethe ultimate answer as testified by the recurrence of fighting.  We must deploy serious efforts towards bringing the parties to the negotiating table.  Only the negotiating table will deliver on the demands of all the conflicting parties.  I am hoping that this Mechanism will deploy serious efforts towards initiating comprehensive negotiations. First, let the Regional Oversight Mechanism be a catalyst for completion of the on-going peace talks in Kampala between the M23 and the government of the DRC.  If these talks are concluded successfully and implemented to the letter and spirit, the first visible manifestation of the conflict will have laid to rest.  But, there are other players, the FDLR and the ADF who should also be engaged and find a peaceful way of making them stop their negative activities against their countries of origin.  
    I am of the view that the enlargement of MONUSCO and the deployment of Intervention Brigade to play a dissuading role will not end the war.  Ultimately, and comprehensive and lasting peace will be realised at the negotiating table.  Let us give serious attention to peace talks.  Let the Mechanism support the process in Kampala.  Time has come to reach out to FDLR, ADF and other negative forces with the view to ending the circle of violence.
    I also welcome the establishment of a Technical Support Committee to develop benchmarks and ensure day – to – day monitoring and reporting on the implementation of the Framework.  The activities of these processes should be well coordinated to create a synergy and energy that will push the peace agenda of the region to fruition.  
    Once again, I commend the UN Secretary General and the AU Chairperson for supporting theregional Oversight Mechanism and the Technical Support Committee to be established.  I sincerely hope that these two structures will be fully supportedby the region and international stakeholders.  I am confident that through our commitment and support the pursuit of peace negotiations in the DRC, herneighbours and the region will attain the much sought and elusive commodity: namely, peace on its hands.  It can be done.  Let us play our part.  
    Thank you for your attention.

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    Katibu Mkuu wa Wizara ya Fedha Ramadhan Khijjah(kushoto)  ,Mkurugenzi Mkazi wa Shirika la Maendeleo kutoka Ujerumani (KfW )Wolfgang Solzbacher (katikati) na Afisa Mtendaji Mkuu wa CCBRT Erwin Telemans  wakibadilishana hati za msaada wa shilingi bilioni 17 zilizotolewa na Serikali ya Ujerumani kupitia Shirika lake la Kfw jana jijini Dar es salaam ili kusaidia ujenzi wa Hospitali ya Baobab ambayo itashughulikia afya ya uzazi ili kupunguza vifo vya wakina mama na watoto.

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      Balozi wa Tanzania nchini Uingereza Mhe. Peter Kallaghe akikabidhiwa Kombe na Waandalizi ikiwa kama ishara ya Timu za Zanzibar Islands na Tanzania kushiriki katika mashindano hayo. Pichani wa kwanza kushoto ni  Kocha / Kiongozi wa Timu ya Tanzania Abdul Kassim akifuatiwa na kijana Dula Kapteni wa Tanzania Team. Kushoto ni Mkurugenzi wa  Tanzania Trade Centre Bw. Yusuph Kashangwa.
     Ballozi Kallaghe akikabidhiwa Kombe na Waandalizi ikiwa kama ishara ya Timu za Zanzibar Islands na Tanzania kushiriki katika mashindano hayo. Pichani wa kwanza kushoto ni  Kocha / Kiongozi wa Timu ya Tanzania Abdul Kassim akifuatiwa na kijana Dula , Kapteni wa Tanzania Team. Pembeni ya Balozi ni Director wa Tanzania Trade Centre Mr Yusuph Kashangwa.
     Balozi Kallaghe akiwa katika picha ya pamoja na Waandaaji wa Shindano hilo litakaloundanisha timu za Nchi 20 za jamii ya Africa wanaoishi Uingereza. Pichani vilevile ni baadhi ya Viongozi wa Timu zetu za Tanzania na Zanzibar islands.
    Balozi akiwa katika picha ya pamoja na Viongozi wa Timu zetu na baadhi ya Vijana wachezaji, baada ya kuwakabidhi Kombe na Bendera ya Tanzania itakayopepea kwenye mashindano hayo kuanzia tarehe 01/06/2013 katika viwanja vya Memorial Grounds , Forest gate  na Fainali kuwa tarehe 15/06/2013 katika Uwanja wa Westham Football Grounds (Upton Park )

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    One Week To Go! 
     Former Miss Tanzania and current United Nations Communications Analyst, Ms. Hoyce Temu will be sharing inspiring insight that will enable us all to find and fulfill our mission in life.

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  • 05/31/13--10:05: Diahatsu Terios inauzwa
  •  Aina: Diahatsu Terios, 1998
    DVD player na A/C
    Nimeendesha gari hili kwa miaka mitatu jijini Dar peke yake
    Bei: $4400
    Ukitaka, pigie: 0767 866 891

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    Picha juu na chini ni Mbunge wa jimbo la Singida mjini, Mh. Mohammed Gullam Dewji akihutubia wananchi kwenye mkutano wa hadhara uliofanyika kwenye kituo cha mabasi cha zamani mjini Singida.(Picha zote na Nathaniel Limu).
    Baadhi ya wananchi waliohudhuria mkutano wa hadhara ulioitishwa kwa ajili ya mbunge wa jimbo la Singida mjini Mh. Mohammed Gullam Dewji kuzungumza na wananchi wa jimbo lake.
    Mbunge wa jimbo la Singida mjini, Mh. Mohammed Gullam Dewji, akiwa anasalimiana na Wana CCM na wananchi wa Singida mjini kwenye kituo cha mabasi cha zamani mjini Singida.
    Na Nathaniel Limu.
    Mbunge wa Singida mjini (CCM) Mh. Mohammed Gullam Dewji amemwaga misaada mbalimbali ikiwemo kuwaongezea mitaji wauza kahawa chungu, ambayo haijawahi kutolewa jimboni humo na mbunge au mfadhili yeyote kwa wakati mmoja, kabla na baada ya Tanzania kupata uhuru.
    Misaada hiyo yenye thamani ya zaidi ya shilingi milioni 87.9, ni pamoja na mabati 100 na mifuko ya saruji 100, kwa kila shule 17 za sekondari jimboni humo.
    Misaada mingine ni vyereheni viwili kwa kila kata 19 na cherehani moja kwa kila tawi la CCM jimboni humo.
    Pia vikundi 16 vya wajasiriamali vikiwemo vya kung’arisha viatu, mafundi baiskeli, wapiga debe wa vituo vya mabasi, wasukuma matoroli, wakereketwa wa mashina ya CCM, watengeneza viatu vya kienyeji na baba, mama lishe, kila kimoja kimeongezewa mtaji wa shilingi 500,000 taslimu.
    Vifaa hivyo na mitaji ya biashara, vimetolewa kwenye mkutano wa hadhara uliofanyika kwenye kituo cha zamani cha mabasi mjini Singida.
    Akizungumza kwenye mkutano huo wa hadhara uliohudhuriwa na maelfu ya wana-CCM na wananchi kwa ujumla, Mh. Dewji amesema msaada huo ni mwendelezo wa misaada yake anayoitoa kwa ajili ya kuiunga mkono serikali katika kuwatumikia wananchi.
    Amesema pia kuwa misaada hiyo ni sehemu yake ya utekelezaji wa ilani ya CCM katika kuwatumikia wananchi wa jimbo la Singida mjini.
    Amesema “Tunatakiwa tujitume usiku na mchana, ili tuhakikishe kila tuliyoyaahidi kwenye ilani yetu, yote tumeyakamilisha, vinginevyo wananchi hawatatuelewa. Wananchi wanahitaji utimilifu wa ahadi na sio uhodari wa kujieleza kwenye majukwaa”.
    Katika hatua nyingine, Mh. Dewji ametumia fursa hiyo kuwaomba viongozi na watendaji kuendelea na moyo safi wa kuwatumikia wananchi bila kuchoka.
    Amesema pia wawe waaminifu na waadilifu kwa wananchi na waongozwe kwa dhamira iliyo njema, yenye uzalendo wa kuipenda nchi yetu na watu wake.
    Mbunge Dewji amesema “Tuendelee kuhubiri amani na utulivu kwenye majukwaa, wakati wote tuwaelekeze wananchi kwenye kujiletea maendeleo endelevu ya wakati huu na wakati ujao”.

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    Two rooms for which one is master suite   lounge/dinning area and kitchen.
    Additional Out Buildings
    Stand-by-generator, surrounding   fence and water reserve facilities.
    Appliances included.
    Air-condition, cooker-electric & gas, fridge/freezer, internet connection, Jacuzzi,luku/electric meter, microwave oven, television and water heaters.
    Fully furnished, electricity-mains supply, aluminum windows frames.

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    Globu ya Jamii inatoa mkono wa hongera kwa mwanalibeneke wa mitindo kupitia http://www.8020fashionsblog.com/ Bibie Shamim Mwasha a.k.a Shamim Zeze kwa kufunga ndo leo huko Mji Kasoro Bahari na mai hazbendi wake Bw. Abdul. Hongera dada na Mola awape maisha mema na ya furaha!
    Kuonja Aqdi yake ilofanyika Morogoro leo BOFYA HAPA

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    On 26 May 2013 in Addis Ababa the UN Secretary General, Mr. Ban Ki-moon and the Chairperson of the African Union Commission Dr. Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma, convened the first meeting of the Regional Oversight Mechanism of the Peace, Security and Cooperation Framework for the DRC and Region. 

    It was at this important meeting where the President of the United Republic of Tanzania, H.E. Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete made what many level headed commentators have referred to as candid and commonsensical remarks about the protracted conflicts in the Great Lakes Region. 

    President Kikwete - a seasoned and consummate diplomat who has helped broker many peace deals in Africa - remarked that it was high time Rwanda and Uganda gave serious attention to peace talks with FDLR and ADF rebels respectively. 

    He said, and correctly so, that it was evident the barrel of the gun cannot bring about the ultimate answer as testified by the recurrence of fighting in our region. He never condoned the role that the FDLR rebels played in the 1994 genocide. He was being reasonable and pragmatic.

    Rwanda should know better than any other country that there is no way Tanzania would condone or sympathize with the perpetrators of genocide. To make such insinuations is, quite frankly, a demonstration of breathtaking ignorance about Tanzania’s enviable and unparalleled history - the history of speaking out against any forms of crimes and injustices. Moreover, for Rwanda to make such insinuations is to show just what a short memory span this country has. 

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    Shindano la kumtafuta mrembo wa mkoa wa Mwanza, linatarajiwa kufanyika June 14 katika viwanja vya Yatch Club jijini Mwanza. 
    Warembo 18 kutoka wilaya mbalimbali za mkoa wa Mwanza wamejitokeza kushiriki shindano hilo la aina yake huku....Burudani inayosubiriwa kwa hamu kubwa ni Mh. Mbunge Joseph Mbilinyi maarufu kama Sugu atakapo panda jukwaani kukumbushia enzi hizo...akishindikizwa na mkali mwingine Chege Chigunda kutoka TMK. 
    Warembo wote wanatarajiwa kuanza kabi rasmi Jumanne hii katika moja ya hoteli maarufu jijini humo. Itakumbukwa mkoa wa Mwanza tayari ulishatoa Mrembo wa Tanzania, ambaye ni Nasreem Karim 2009 na Miriam Gerald 2010. 
    Pamoja na mchakato wa shindano la urembo kuendelea kwa hivi sasa nchini, macho na masikio yapo mkoani Mwanza, ambako kumekua kukileta changamoto na upinzani mkali wa warembo kila Mwaka.

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  • 05/31/13--20:00: Ngoma azipendazo ankal
  • R.I.P ALBERT MANGWEA 'She got a gwan'

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  • 05/31/13--21:00: Mkataa kwao Mtumwa
  • Wamaasai na utamaduni wao

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    Date : 31st May 2013.
    In Addis Ababa, on 26th May, 2013, in a speech before the African Union, at the first meeting of the regional oversight mechanism of the peace, security and cooperation framework for the DRC and the region, H.E. Jakaya Mrisho KIKWETE, President of the United Republic of Tanzania advised that comprehensive and lasting peace will be realised at the negotiating table and that time has come to reach out to FDLR, ADF and other negative forces with the view to ending the circle of violence. The President of Tanzania reiterated that supporting a peace deal in the Democratic Republic of Congo, necessitated a global peace deal that would include negotiating with the rebel groups.

    "I am of the view that the enlargement of MONUSCO and the deployment of Intervention Brigade to play a dissuading role will not end the war. Ultimately, and comprehensive and lasting peace will be realised at the negotiating table. Let us give serious attention to peace talks. Let the Mechanism support the process in Kampala. Time has come to reach out to FDLR, ADF and other negative forces with the view to ending the circle of violence", he said.

    We, the undersigned, representing the political opposition to the Kigali regime, welcome President Kikwete's wise and historic advice. For there to be a just and lasting peace in Rwanda and the Great Lakes region, the RPF government in Kigali has to engage, unconditionally, the Rwanda's political opposition and other forces.

    The RPF government has now launched a vicious media and PR campaign against H.E. President KIKWETE. This is a misguided and counter-productive approach that does not contribute to peace and security in Rwanda and the Great Lakes region.

    Tanzania has historically been a major player in resolving the conflicts in Africa, and specially in Burundi, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Tanzania is providing troops to the Intervention Brigade in eastern DRC as part of a United Nations mandate to support the peace process. Tanzania is a respected member of the international community.

    We call upon Rwandans, Africans and the whole international community to support President KIKWETE's call for a global peace process in the Great Lakes region of Africa.

    We call upon the Government of Rwanda to stop its gross human rights abuses, release all the political prisoners, open the political space, and unconditionally start dialogue with the opposition. This is the only viable pathway toward sustainable peace, security and development in Rwanda and the Great Lakes region.

    Dr. Nkiko Nsengimana

    Alexis Bakunzibake
    Vice President

    Etienne Masozera
    Amahoro -People's Congress

    Dr. Theogene Rudasingwa
    Rwanda National Congress (RNC)
    Washington DC

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    Baraza la Sanaa la Taifa (BASATA) kwa kushirikiana na Chama cha Waandishi wa Habari za Sanaa na Utamaduni (CAJAtz) kila Jumatatu kuanzia saa 4 Asubuhi limekuwa likiendesha ‘Jukwaa la Sanaa’ kwenye ukumbi wake ulioko makao makuu ya Baraza Ilala Sharif Shamba.

    Katika jukwaa hilo linalohusisha wadau wote wa sanaa, hoja nzito na motomoto kuhusu tasnia ya Sanaa na Utamaduni zimekuwa zikijadiliwa na kujibiwa.

    Katika kuelekea urasimishaji wa Sekta ya Filamu na Muziki ambao ulianza rasmi tarehe 1/01/2013, ifikapo tarehe 01/07/2013 hakuna kazi yoyote ya Filamu na Muziki itakayoingia sokoni bila kuwa na stamp ya TRA. 

    Baraza la Sanaa katika Jukwaa la Tarehe 03/06/2013 litazikutanisha taasisi zote nne zinazohusika na urasmishaji ili kutoa elimu kwa Wasanii, wadau na wakuzaji sanaa kuanzia saa 4 :30 Asubuhi. Wadau wa sekta ya sanaa mnakaribishwa kuleta michango na hoja zenu ili kuleta mustakabali utakaojenga sekta ya sanaa. Taasisi zinazohusika na Urasimishaji wa sekta ya sanaa ni:

    1. Bodi ya Filamu na Michezo ya Kuigiza
    2. Chama cha Hakimiliki na Hakishiriki Tanzania (COSOTA)
    3. Mamlaka ya Mapato Tanzania (TRA)
    4. Baraza la Sanaa la Taifa (BASATA)


    Godfrey Lebejo Mngereza

    Barua zote ziandikwe kwa Katibu Mtendaji
    All correspondence to be addressed to The Executive Secretary
    BASATA Arts Centre, 
    Ilala Sharif Shamba, 
    P.O. Box. 4779, 
    Dar es Salaam, 
    Telephone: 2863748/2860485, 
    Fax: 0255 - (022) - 286 0486 
    E-mail: info@basata.or.tz Website: basata.or.tz

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  • 05/31/13--22:24: Article 9

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     Mwakilishi wa Spika wa Bunge ambaye pia ni Kamishna na Mbunge wa Mafia Mhe. Abdul Karim Shah akitoa salamu za rambirambi wakati wa mazishi ya Afisa Habari Mkuu wa Bunge marehemu Ernest Zulu yaliyofanyika katika kijiji cha Ndilima, Peramiho mkoani Songea.
     Mwakilishi wa Katibu wa Bunge ambaye pia ni Mkurugenzi wa Idara ya Habari, Elimu kwa Umma na Uhusiano wa Kimataifa Ndugu Jossey Mwakasyuka akisoma wasifu wa marehemu Ernest Zulu.
     Katibu wa Bunge Mstaafu Mzee George Mlawa  akitoa salamu za rambirambi
     Baada ya salamu hizo, ndipo Padre Fidelis Mligo wa Abisiya ya Peramiho akaongoza ibada ya Misa Takatifu na mazishi ya mtumishi huyo wa Bunge
     Mkuu wa Wilaya ya Songea Ndugu Joseph Mkirikiti  (wa pili kushoto waliokaa) aliiwakilisha serikali katika mazishi hayo.
     Waombolezaji kutoka Ofisi ya Bunge
        Dada yake marehemu akiwa amepoteza fahamu wakati wa mazishi ya kaka yake.
    Mwakilishi wa Spika wa Bunge Mhe. Abdul Karim Shah akiweka udongo kaburini kuashiria safari ya mwisho ya Afisa Habari Mkuu wa Bunge marehemu Ernest Zulu. Picha zote Prosper Minja - Bunge

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  • 06/01/13--01:52: Article 7



    BW. ALBERT MANGWEHA, (Man Ngwair)


    Serikali ya Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania kupitia Wizara ya Habari, Vijana, Utamaduni na Michezo, imepokea kwa mshituko na masikitiko makubwa taarifa ya kifo cha msanii wa muziki wa kizazi kipya (Bongo fleva) Albert Mangwea, aliyefariki huko Afrika  Kusini katika hospitali ya St. Hellen akiwa katika shughuli za muziki, Jumanne  tarehe 28 Mei, 2013. 
    Kifo cha Albert Mangwea ni pigo kubwa kwa fani ya muziki hapa nchini, na pia kimataifa. Na kutokana na umahiri wake katika fani hiyo ya muziki wa kizazi kipya hususan aina yake ya uimbaji ya “Free Style” alikonga mioyo ya wapenzi wake hasa vijana ndani na nje ya nchi. 
    Albert Mangwea atakumbukwa na wasanii na wapenzi wa muziki  kwa kipaji na juhudi zake za kukuza muziki hapa nchini. 

    Serikali inawapa pole ndugu na jamaa wote  na kuwaomba wawe na uvumilivu na subira katika kipindi cha msiba. 
    Wito wa Serikali kwa wasanii na wananchi kwa ujumla ni kuendelea kumuenzi kwa  yale yote mazuri aliyoyafanya wakati wa uhai wake.

    “Mwenyenzi Mungu ailaze roho yaAlbert Mangwea mahala pema peponi.”



    Imetolewa na Waziri wa Habari Vijana Utamaduni na Michezo Dkt Fenella Mukangara

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